I am broadly interested in algebraic geometry. Most of my time is spent thinking about Cremona groups, Galois cohomology, Fano varieties, groups acting on varieties, and representation theory. At the moment, I am investigating automorphisms of del Pezzo surfaces over primarily number fields.

Publications and Preprints

  1. J. Smith, Automorphisms of Del Pezzo Surfaces in characteristic zero - In Preparation

Contributed Talks

  1. Automorphisms of Del Pezzo Surfaces, at the Binghamton University Graduate Combinatorics, Algebra, and Topology Conference at Binghamton University (November 2022).

  2. Automorphisms of Del Pezzo Surfaces, at the Graduate Colloquium Series at UofSC (October 2022).

Expository Talks

  • See my CV for a list of these talks.